Monday, April 13, 2015

Cake Tasting FAQs

Cake tastings and consults are definitely one of my favorite parts of this job. I love getting to meet with prospective brides and grooms face to face, and get a personal perspective on their wedding. So much goes into a wedding cake and although I love seeing how the final product turns out, the creative process is what is magical to me. I also think that if it were me getting married, the part of the planning process involving cake would obviously be my favorite- so I try to make this step as easy and memorable as possible for any couple I work with.

The whole process starts with an initial contact, usually followed by an email exchange to get a feel for what type of cake or desserts you're looking for, the budget you'd like to stay in and how many people you are trying to feed. Next, we'll find a date, time and location that works for us to meet. Because I currently do not have a permanent location to meet with clients, I am willing to travel anywhere within reason to meet at a location convenient to you. Typically, I let my client select a cozy coffee shop they like where we can share a cup of coffee over cake.

My clients get to select three different cake and filling combinations from my wedding cake tasting menu to sample at the consult. Your selections will be made into mini 4" cakes and brought to the appointment, to eat there, to take home and share with others or both. There will be plenty of cake to go around and get opinions if you want them (or to enjoy for breakfast the next day which comes highly recommended). 

Moving into the consult part of your tasting appointment, we will then discuss a few details and go over sketches that I will have prepared based on what you've shared with me so far about your wedding. Please feel free to send me anything that you think would help in the design process including samples of your invitations, pictures of flowers, color schemes, or Pinterest boards. The more you give me, the more accurately I can capture what you're looking for!

Following the tasting, I will hold your wedding date for 1 month to give you time to decide. Should you book with me, I will send you a contract detailing everything we discussed at the tasting and a price quote along with a larger, more detailed sketch of your cake. Once your contract is signed, you will receive a final bill with the total amount for your wedding cake due upon delivery. After that, we can chat about your wedding cake as often as you like! I'll be busy finalizing details, ordering equipment and then baking and decorating your cake. Congratulations!

Quick FAQS:

1.) How many people can I bring to the tasting?
     - Typically I meet with the bride, groom and maybe one or both of their parents. But please feel free             to bring whomever you'd like as there will be plenty of cake to go around!

2.) What is 'ganache' and how is it different from chocolate mousse?
     - Ganache is an emulsion of heavy cream and chocolate and can be various consistencies. In my cakes it serves as a luscious, truffle filling fit for a chocolate lover. Chocolate mousse is lighter and air-ier in comparison and I would say it is more of a crowd-pleaser for a wedding.

3.) How long does a tasting typically last?
    - Tastings usually last between 30-40 minutes, but I can talk with you about cake for as long as you'll let me.

4.) What is your most popular flavor for wedding cakes?
    - Hands down the vanilla bean pound cake filled with whipped cream and berries. It is perfectly suited for wedding season and widely loved by guests. I hardly do weddings without some variation of this flavor.

5.) How much does a tasting cost?
    -Tastings are $20.00 and serve as your non-refundable deposit to save your wedding date. The amount will be subtracted from your total bill, thus tastings are included in the price of your wedding cake should you end up booking with me. 

Please email me at with any questions or to book your tasting today. 

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