Sunday, November 20, 2011


I competed in my first cake-off last Thursday and let me tell you, I have never been that nervous! The service club at my college organized the competition as a fundraiser for the Hunger Project. Cake, competition and community service...I'm all for it. We had 45 minutes to decorate a spectacular cake of our choosing, but we had to use the cake and icing they provided (which accounted for most of my nerves...). My amazing roommate Cassie stepped up to be my sous chef and I could not have done it without her! I've never attempted to make a tiered cake under a time constraint before but because I had her help, we finished with about 4 minutes to spare. The theme of our cake was school spirit, which at Washington College means good 'ole George and the Gus the Goose, our mascot. There were three layers of cake on each tier frosted with what I'm assuming the dining hall intended to be buttercream. I was allowed to bring my own decorating supplies so we used fondant for the polka dots, cherry tree and George head and gumpaste for the cherry blossoms. We won best overall cake!

Right before the clock started

Cassie dyed, rolled out and cut the all the fondant

 Finished product.

 The George cookie cutter came from a 'presidents' set my sisters and I had as kids. My mom gave it to me when I decided to go to Washington College but I honestly never thought I'd actually use it.

A cherry tree for George Washington...

Wish I had known that I'd have 4 minutes to spare when icing this could use some TLC

With our school mascot, Gus the Goose

Cassie and I are both Spanish Majors, our name meant 'Little Cookies' in Spanish