Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I made this cake for another cousin's wedding in June 2009. I was really happy with how it turned out, and consider it my first 'good' wedding cake. The flavor was vanilla-almond cake with strawberries and vanilla cream filling and chocolate dipped strawberries (topper was ordered separately). The groom's cake is a beach theme and it was chocolate fudge.


My very trusting cousins let me do their cake for their March 2008 as my first real wedding ever. This cake is at the very best- rough. It was definitely a learning experience. I made the topper out of silk flowers and the groom's cake is camouflage to match the groomsmen's tuxes. The bride's cake was all vanilla-almond cake with layers of raspberry, chocolate almond and lemon curd filling. The groom's cake was chocolate fudge.

My First Wedding Cake

Four years ago in 2007, I made my first wedding cake for my grandparents 50th Anniversary in Pipestem West Va. I don't remember the flavors anymore, but the cake was made to look like their original wedding cake. The topper is the actual original used their wedding [now 54] years ago. My favorite part is the chocolate lace on the groom's cake-also that cake plate has been in my family for over a century!

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Post-

I'm Morgan Phillips, a student in Maryland and aspiring pastry chef. I create wedding and occasion cakes and other various desserts. This blog is a place to share my cakes and designs as I build up in my portfolio as a cake decorator. So far my experience has all been self-taught or learned on the job. I'm hoping to use this blog to get my cakes out there for everyone to see and expand my business. Enjoy and please leave feedback!