Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vegan Rehearsal Cupcakes

I am not vegan and I do not pretend to be. In fact, my diet is pretty much the opposite of vegan. But I do love a good challenge, and I am excited to expand the repertoire of Morgan Phillips Cakes to encompass all types of diets and food allergies. Last week I had the chance to do just that while brainstorming and preparing a Vegan Thanksgiving rehearsal dinner for a new family of 25 - complete with cupcakes for dessert.

I created a menu of vegan appetizers and desserts for the hostess to choose from with the theme of Thanksgiving and their dietary restrictions in mind. Together we decided on three appetizers and four desserts. I prepared them all on the day in advance, and then delivered to the site of the dinner where the hostess re-heated and served. They had two different types of cupcakes: one a [regular] pumpkin walnut cake with maple cream cheese frosting and the second a vegan banana gingerbread cake with a fresh squeezed orange glaze and candied ginger.

 Aside from cake, the appetizers for the event included quinoa, walnut and sage stuffed mushrooms, roasted red pepper and asparagus wraps with balsamic glaze, and chick pea and sweet potato sliders with vegan chipotle mayo. The other two desserts are crust-less apple pies served in hollowed apples and cranberry pecan brittle.


When I say I'm up for a challenge...I mean I'm really up for a challenge.