Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lumberjack Cake

This week one of my swim coaches asked me to make her a lumberjack cake for her birthday. My first reaction: .....what?? But of course I agreed. A few google searches later, I realized that a 'lumberjack cake' is definitely not a common thing. What a perfect way to make sure my blog turns up at the top of the list! Never again will anyone wonder to themselves, "What does a lumberjack cake look like?" Well, in case you were wondering, it looks like this:

That is 6" of pure rugged lumberjack-ness right there. The plaid flannel shirt is made out of icing and gumpaste, those are gumpaste logs on the side and a variety of mustaches along the backside. 

Did I mention that this cake is incredible on the inside too? Three decadent layers of Guinness chocolate cake, filled with espresso buttercream and a spiked whiskey caramel drizzle. It's Irish heaven.

Happy 24th Birthday Robin!! Thanks for the unique opportunity and assurance that my blog will now pop up on all 'lumberjack cake' google searches.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Cake

I made this cake for my family's Christmas dinner in December. The cake is a 6" sweet potato spice cake with walnut streusel filling and brown butter frosting (absolutely killer...). I made a cupcake version back in October to debut new seasonal flavors that I had been experimenting with. Both are delicious, but this cake made an excellent centerpiece to our holiday table! The snowflakes are made from tempered chocolate that I piped out by hand onto wax paper and let harden The sides of the cake are accented with chopped walnut, and those are pretty rosettes on top. Inside, there's four layers of cake and three layers of filling; the standard anatomy of one of my cakes. This is the perfect size and design for a winter bridal shower, brunch, family gathering or birthday!