Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sculpting with Sugar

This week I have a new sugar showpiece to share here that I made in my Confectionery Arts class. Similar to a chocolate sculpture, a sugar sculpture doesn't have much purpose in life except to sit there and look gorgeous. Rough life. Although it is 100% edible, it would taste like a lollipop without flavor and not in a very good way. So just feast your eyes with this one, but sugar sculptures are a beautiful way to top off a wedding cake or adorn a table centerpiece. They can also be preserved for as long as you can keep them away from their evil enemy, humidity.

This piece is made from a combination of sugar decoration methods. The leaves, bow and roses are made from pulling cooked sugar, the hearts are made from blowing sugar, and the whole thing sits on a poured sugar base. Pulling sugar gives it an iridescent, shiny finish and glass-like consistency. The hearts are actually completely hollow and were shaped by hand.

The rose petals and bow loops are each made individually and then attached by melting the ends over an open flame and sticking together. 

In the same way as chocolate, you can make just about anything out of sugar using different methods of cooking and decorating.

It's hard to believe this piece was once just a mountain of granulated sugar!

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