Monday, March 31, 2014

Gum Paste Flowers

Fresh flowers are absolutely my favorite adornment on a wedding cake but when fresh isn't easily available, gum paste flowers are a very close second. Made from sugar and painted or dusted with color, these beauties will stick around ten times longer than fresh flowers, and they're 100% food safe edible too (minus any wires used to attach them to each other). It's possible to re-create any flower under the sun in a remarkably botanically correct - and delicious - form. Here's a corsage that I've completed recently that would look beautiful on top of a cake, or taken apart and scattered on the sides.

Included in this spray (from left to right) is a two tone ribbon bow, stephanotis buds, rose and rose buds, hyacinth, hydrangea, calla lily and a six petal tiger lily.

Filling it out are rose leaves and ivy leaves peeking between the flowers, and all wires are covered in floral tape and twisted together to attach.

All flowers were hand formed using gum paste and minimal tools and all the color used is food safe powder or gel coloring. 

The centers of the calla lilies are made using gelatin and yellow powdered color to add a realistic texture.

Gum paste flowers will last forever as long as you keep them away from direct moisture and extreme heat, making them a great keepsake from your wedding day for years to come. 

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