Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elegant Hat Box Cake

For my final project in Confectionery Arts, we did a timed butter cream cake that could be designed in any way, as long as it was three, round tiers. We had about five hours of class time to complete the project when all was said and done, and it is a 10, 8 and 6 inch vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream. The design I chose for mine was hat boxes that are stacked and dripping with fondant pearls and gum paste roses, topped off with a floppy sugar bow. 

All the decorations are 100% edible and all hand made by yours truly. The edges of the 'boxes' and the striping on the third tier are formed from strips of fondant along with all of the pearls.

The roses are formed with individual petals around a base and dusted with powdered color for a more realistic touch. 

The bow is two-toned in gum paste and then steamed for a shiny finish. 

The elegance and femininity of this cake make it perfect for a bridal shower or birthday, but who really needs an excuse to eat cake when it looks this pretty? (Not me...)

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