Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Home for MPC

Hello Blogger world! It's been a while. I've been busy creating a new home for Morgan Phillips Cakes that will take the place of this little blog that served me well for so many years. All of the pictures and posts will stay the same, but will now be found at this address: 

The new site will be unveiled SO SOON and I can't wait! It's been quite the labor of love and I'm pretty embarrassed to say how long it has took me to get everything just the way I wanted it. I think I'll stick to cakes in the future... 

You can now find me at for all news on what I've been up to, information about ordering a cake, scheduling a tasting and more! My email will stay the same and is always the best way to reach me: Don't forget to 'like' me on facebook and follow on Instagram too for a day-to-day look into my virtual bakery. Wishing everyone peace, love and cake in the new year! This is only a small bit of what's to come for MPC in 2016.

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