Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

In 2013 I made one of the biggest (and in hindsight, best) decisions to move to New York and begin pastry school at the Culinary Instistute of America. Attending school slowed down the volume of actual cakes I created this year, but I was of course working hard to expand my skill set in school and it gave me the opportunity to focus more on this site and marketing myself in social media. I've been really happy with the results of using tools like Instagram and Pinterest to post pictures of my cakes that link back to my website and thought I"d share a list of superlatives for 2013:

Most Re-Pins on Pinterest: This Country Wedding Cake from July 2012

Most Likes on Pinterest: Lemon Lime Topper from Mark and Cassie's 2012 wedding

Most Popular Post: Valentine's Day Cake Truffles from this year

Most Likes on Instagram: White Ruffle Wedding Cake from Summer 2013.

Other popular contenders:

Also in 2013, I've doubled my posting, tripled my traffic and so far booked five weddings for 2014 and counting. I'm looking forward to finishing up school next year and being able to focus even more on my clients and expanding my business. Please keep re-posting, re-pinning and following my work in 2014!

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