Friday, January 17, 2014

Dog Treat Wedding Favors

This week I've been recipe testing for a different kind of wedding favor - one that appeals to a dog loving couple's furry friends. We found a hit with some homemade banana peanut butter dog bones. They are suitable for most breeds of dogs and made with very few ingredients to be easy on their canine stomachs. Best of all they can be packaged up in any way and set out with a cute sign for your guests to take home to their pets at the end of the night.

I opted for a thinner, drier biscuit so they would be easier to break up for smaller dogs (like my Scotties) but the size and shape can be adjusted to fit the needs of any pup.

 Someone kept a very watchful eye over the baking process once the peanut butter made an appearance...

I'd say the overall feedback was pretty positive.
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