Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Petite Gateaux

Petite gateaux, meaning 'little cake' in French is an individual serving of a layered cake, usually built in a mold and then glazed to finish. They are complexly flavored and extremely delicious. From the textures to the garnishes, these little gems were my favorite dessert that I made so far in my Individual Production Pastries class, and I think they would be perfect to sit center stage in a dessert bar at a wedding. 

This guy stands about 3" high and 2" wide. From the bottom up, the layers are hazelnut sponge cake, praline feuilletine (hazelnut crunchy goodness), creme brulee (oh yes, you heard me right), and milk chocolate mousse. We froze it and then used a spray gun (meant for paint, oops) to cover it in milk chocolate spray and create the velvety dot texture you see on the top. It's garnished with a caramelized hazelnut and two chocolate decor pieces. 

 At the end of every class, we create a display of all the desserts everyone made. The top row is my team's, and the others are all my classmates.

Just to give you a taste of the possible flavor combinations, we had raspberry and pistachio, mango and coconut, black forest, and chocolate caramel peanut butter (um...yeah). 

These little cakes are a beautiful way to fancy up your event and add a lot of color and flavor to a dessert display. I've had mini cakes on the brain lately in preparation for my sister's wedding next June, where we're plotting something similar for her big day. I'm still in the planning stage, but check out my Pinterest board to see her cake progress and check back here for all the delicious details! 

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