Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Piping, Piping, Piping

My homework has been  looking a little different these days since I joined the ranks of baking and pastry students at the CIA. I'm frequently asked how a culinary school assigns homework and the truth is, for the most part it's pretty similar to any college. We get lots of reading, writing (Suprised? I was.) and researching. On top of that I watch a lot of videos of chef's demos to prepare for class, write out what I'll need for mise en place for the day and we get to fill up this bad boy before every single bake shop class:

I usually practice piping if I have leftover frosting from a cake on hand, but nothing as serious as this. We do loops on loops on loops, and they are all [supposed] to be all the exact same size and shape, including the connecting swoop in between. 

Different filigree designs.

We also have to make a marzipan rose for each class - made without ANY tools, completely by hand.

Definitely a slight departure from the norm, but I'll take a piping bag in my hand over a highlighter any day.

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