Friday, October 3, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Brett Denfeld Photography and Citrus Ceremonies

One of the best parts of this job is meeting and getting to work with lots of extremely talented people. This year has been especially enlightening for me because BOTH of my sisters were planning weddings. Being a part of their vendor decisions taught me a lot about being a wedding vendor myself and was also a great networking opportunity. For my first sister's wedding, she chose to do a lot of the decoration work herself (including gorgeous fabric flowers), and she picked an enchanting venue that took care of the food and general ambiance. For the photography and cinematography she sought out some of the best talents in the area, whom she also happened to know personally, and they sure did deliver. I was so blown away with how the wedding pictures and video really captured the feelings of the day (and the beauty of the cakelets!) that I just have to give these vendors a little plug. They are relatively new to the industry but crazy successful already--book them now before they book up! Virginia brides, you have been warned.

The pictures really speak for themselves, but working with Brett was effortless and fun. She brought an energy and passion to photography like I have never seen before and made us all comfortable even in the most awkward of , "Now look at each other and pretend to laugh," situations. I loved how genuinely excited she was to capture Cortney and Jack's wedding, which is a rarity in this industry for sure. And best of all, now I have all these gorgeous, professional pictures of my work thanks to Brett!

Confession: I've been stalking the wedding videos of Citrus Ceremonies for YEARS since they first began. I was so excited to be able to actually work alongside them for my sister's wedding. Their videos are innovative and most importantly, personalized. They capture audio from both the ceremony and an interview of the couple before the wedding to sprinkle throughout footage of the day to create a truly intimate product. Please make sure you click the link below to check out the video of my sister's wedding (starring the cakelets that I made) and also visit their website for even more videos!

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