Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bachelorette Book Cake

When I was first asked to make a cake for my sister's bachelorette party, I wasn't super thrilled with the resultsof my initial 'bachelorette cake ideas' google search. I know the traditions of a bachelorette party run deep, but, c'mon now, a cake should look appetizing. Enter a new idea: a bachelorette cake in the shape of one of the bride's favorite things, like a groom's cake but just for her. 

My sister is a writer and she and her fiance love books more than anyone I know. A book cake seemed like the perfect way to pay homage to their love story, and it is definitely a safe departure from the "bachelorette" norm. 

In between the pages of this book are layers of citrus chiffon cake, homemade blueberry compote and cream cheese filling. This cake is actually covered in fondant and decorated with hand made gumpaste hydrangea, stephanotis, rose buds and hyacinth.

[Embracing the photo-ready MRS. koozie]
It was a classy and elegant cake for my classy and elegant bride-sister and most importantly it was delicious too. She's cleaned up in the cake department this past year and we're getting dangerously close to her big day of cake eating ( I mean marrying...). If you missed the details of her wedding cakes or her bridal shower cake, be sure to check out those too.

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