Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Faves

Another weekend this way comes, here are some of my favorite current favorite finds and inspirations to get yours kicked off creatively!

Current trend I'm obsessed with: Fresh Herbs

In case you couldn't tell by the new flavors I've been experimenting with, I'm kinda obsessed with fresh herbs lately. From roasting, grilling, to putting them in tea and water - I'm crazy for the flavor and fragrance of fresh herbs. The rest of the foodie world is with me. All of my favorite magazines had a 'summer herb issue' with tips and tricks on how to cook, save and grow your own fresh herbs. From savory to sweet, it's definitely a train I want to be on!

Favorite texture: crunchy baked meringues

They are so simple to make (1:2; Egg whites: Sugar) and flavor however your heart desires (even with fresh herbs! Strawberry basil meringues...mmmm) plus you can pipe them into whatever shape you want. I love the rustic look of these meringues, that look like they have a little added crunchiness on the outsides. They crunch when you bite but melt in your mouth almost instantly. Crumbling these guys over ice cream, pudding, or the top of a cupcake adds an awesome crunchy, sticky texture.

Favorite Wedding Favor: Dog treats

Who doesn't love their furry friends? Spoiler alert, I'm planning on breaking into the wedding favor market coming soon and beginning with dog treats.

Favorite non-traditional wedding cake: Cheeeeeeese

I know its a funny thing for a wedding cake decorator to love, but I'm a big fan of non-traditional wedding cakes. This one got me this week and is perfect for cheese lovers, but I also love rice krispy cakes, cheesecake wedding cakes, the doughnut stack or even ice cream. I can also home make any of the latter to create your perfect wedding cake custom and from scratch for you (cheese...excluded, but I'll still attend :-).

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