Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Cake Day Playlist

Many things are important in the process of creating a wedding cake. There's the tasting, the sketching, the planning, the stalking of wedding blogs and videos for examples - and that is all before the dust even comes close to coming off of my kitchen aid. When I really think about it though, one of the most important things that goes into a successful Wedding Cake Day is the playlist. Whenever I've accomplished anything particularly notable in life, there's always a solid playlist on in the background. Be it running, studying or piping homework, the second that my iPod dies is the second that productivity goes out of the window.

Next weekend is Memorial Day and I have possibly the most exciting wedding cake I've ever made coming up for Molly and Michael. So this weekend I'm finishing up all preparations to make this cake day go off without a hitch, and the playlist is on the top of my list! When baking, I need a good mix of 'positive vibes', 'heart pounding' and 'sing-your-heart-out-into-a-whisk' kinds of music. Here's what I have so far for next weekend:

  1. I Would Walk 500 Miles: Kenny and the Scots (Stuck in our heads during bakeshop these days)
  2. Mirrors: Justin Timberlake (Okay, so the rest of his new album too...)
  3. Stir It Up: Bob Marley (Should have seen that one coming)
  4. Crystalize: Linsey Stirling (Girl KILLS it on the violin)
  5. Sweet: Dave Matthews Band (A pick me up)
  6. Radioactive: Imagine Dragons (Jammin' out while decorating)
  7. Only You: Ellie Goulding (Latest obsession)
  8. Brown Sugar: The Rolling Stones (Never hurts to hear this one while baking)
  9. Stronger: Britney Spears (One that is sacred to the bride and I)
  10. A few selections from the Julie and Julia soundtrack for good measure.
What do you like to listen to when you bake/cook? Check back this week for updates on how this cake is coming together!

Classic Raspberry Linzer Torte


  1. Would love to taste that Linzer Torte. We had one in Linzer last fall and they are rich, but good tasting.