Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bali Rehearsal Dinner Cake

These lucky newlyweds, Alia and John, are headed to Bali this week for their honeymoon, which provided the inspiration for their completely custom and completely edible rehearsal dinner cake. This cake showcases what I can do with sugar work and decorations while not sacrificing the taste and quality of product. Alia is actually not a big fan of cake (Usually, I just stare blankly at people when they say things like that), so I consider her stamp of approval on my frosting a major success! Their cake was rich dark chocolate chiffon with creamy peanut butter filling.

We started the cake planning process with their honeymoon location. A sheet cake suited their event the best, which naturally led us to use the shape of the island to set our scene:

I shaped two layers of chocolate cake by making a poster board cut out in the shape of Bali to "trace".

After filling, icing and decorations:

Handmade out of gumpaste and fondant figures for the bride and groom- sugar surfer girl and scuba dude.

Alia and John at their Rehearsal dinner with the cake

And then he bit off her head...

Congrats Alia and John! 

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